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Pro Tools Sessions


To download click on the Pro Tools sessions bellow.

The latest ProTools and its most current interface are available and are not free. The most widely used version of ProTools for this application is ProTools LE version 8.0.5 which is an older version and it can be downloaded from the Avid website and requires the Mbox 2 Mini external interface that can be found on eBay. The microphone connects to the Mbox 2 Mini, the audio output of the Mbox 2 Mini is then connected to the transceiver’s rear Line In connector, the Mbox 2 connects and is powered via a USB connector to your computer and controlled by ProTools.


 These session files are compatible with Pro Tools v7.0 through v8.05. These sessions are offered merely as a starting point and might need adjustments to emphasize on your natural voice.

1 Asymod Hi-Fi.ptf

2 Asymod Hi-Fi.ptf

3 Asymod Hi-Fi.ptf

4 Asymod Hi-Fi.ptf

5 Asymod Hi-Fi.ptf

6 Asymod Hi-Fi.ptf

7 Asymod Hi-Fi.ptf

Stryker SR 955HPC.ptf

NOTE: ProTools 8.0.5 runs on Windows 7, 8 and 10 with no issues. If you are experiencing issues while installing ProTools and have partially installed anything related to ProTools, uninstall it using the Pro Tools uninstaller or Revo Uninstaller and start fresh. First install version 8.0.1, when done install the 8.0.5 update and lastly, install the plugins.