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Welcome to the BluThunder Technologies' official Asymod site.

Here at Asymod we specialize in wide band Hi-Fi radio communications. Our main focus is in the High Fidelity / Wideband Amplitude Modulation (Hi Fi AM) and the Extended Single Sideband (eSSB) arena. Upgrade to higher standards with Asymod and take full control of your on air presence!

We offer Asymod asymmetrical Hi-Fi AM modulator products and installations, Plug-N-Play Asymod ready Hi-Fi CB radio and 10 Meter radio packages and have the lowest prices on factory stock CB and 10 Meter radios with optional Hi-Fi upgrades on the web. 

We know it may become a bit frustrating when it comes to electing the right components for your Hi Fi radio station. We take pride in taking the if's, and's, or but's out of the trial and error, daunting task, of selecting the right components required for that amazingly great sounding Hi-Fi AM or eSSB radio station.

When you choose Asymod, you skip through all the clutter and get the results you’ve been looking for. With Asymod, what you put in, is what you get out. You have the ability to choose how you want to sound without any limitations, as your audio is mirrored out of the antenna and radiated into the air with no restrictions. 

Nowadays it seems everybody wants that HiFi CB sound, so, whether you’re looking for a Hi Fi CB radio or a Hi Fi 10 meter radio, here at Asymod we can put together the right unit for you with exceptional care..

We service and repair transmitters, receivers, transceivers and related equipment within the HF to UHF range. This includes all brands and models of HF rigs, CB's, 10 meter radios, broadcast transmitters and high end RF equipment. 

In the market for a new stock CB or 10 meter base or mobile radio? We offer the lowest prices on the web. Optional Hi-Fi mods are available. These additional Hi Fi mods include options such as, frequency expansion, alignment, tune/peak and basic Hi-Fi audio mods. 

We take mail-ins, even if your radio is not next to perfect, we can make it shine on the air again! Send us your radio and we will repair any minor issues, align if necessary and perform a complete Asymod upgrade on it. This includes all the same standard modifications done to all of our Asymod ready transceivers. 

For Asymod installations on your radio or for equipment repairs, please contact us at   

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