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We specialize in the High Fidelity, Wideband Amplitude Modulation (Hi-Fi AM) and the Extended Single Sideband (eSSB) arena for the CB and Ham radio operator. From Asymod asymmetrical Hi-Fi radio products and installations to complete Plug-N-Play Hi-Fi AM & eSSB transceivers. Take full control of your on-air presence with Asymod!

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Asymod Hi Fi AM & eSSB Icom IC-7300

  Once again Asymod breaks the barrier of limitations presented by this great software defined transceiver. The RF PA linearity makes the IC-7300 a perfect candidate for the Asymod Hi-Fi application across all bands. Now your IC-7300 will transmit in Hi-Fi asymmetrical AM, eSSB and to the widest allowed on FM throughout all the bands with minimal adjustment. 

The Asymod Standalone Unit defeats the limitations presented by the IC-7300, such as:

•> AM TX bandwidth  

•> SSB TX bandwidth  

•> FM TX bandwidth  

•> ALC  

•> Minimum carrier 5 watts

•> Maximum AM modulation at ~90%   

•> Backward swing on RMS RF power meter


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