RCI-69FFB4 AM-FM-SSB 10 Meter Mobile Ranger Radio

$639.99 $599.99

RCI-69FFB4 AM-FM-SSB-CW 10  Meter Mobile Ranger Radio


AM, FM, SSB 10 Meter Radio
*Now with Black case. Heat Sink on bottom
*Volume, Squelch, Mic Gain, RF Gain 
*Fine/Corse Clarifier
*Frequency Counter (6 Digit)
*Power 200w AM, FM & CW - 400w SSB (4x 2SC2879 Finals)
*Echo On/Off Switch (Internal echo adjustment included with tuning. It is set for a clean sound).
*Variable Talk back Control
*Variable RF Power Control
*10KHz switch
*SWR Meter
*Roger Beep With Switch
*Dimmer Hi/Low
*Mic, power cord and mounting accessories included.

This is not a Citizens Band (CB) radio. The Citizens Band is 11 meters, this radio operates on 10 meters.

You need a power supply that can steadily supply 50A or more. Anything smaller, and the radio will not work. We recommend getting the biggest, baddest supply you can get. This radio is not designed to run from a battery (don't confuse cold cranking amps with available running power).

A license to operate amateur radios may be required in your area. The end user is solely responsible for proper operation of amateur radio equipment and adhering to the rules and regulations of their country .

NO MANUFACTURER WARRANTY - Can only be sent in for repair when purchased with Asymod products.