Galaxy DX 86V 10 Meter Mobile SSB/AM

$299.99 $225.99

The new Galaxy Dx-86v is a simplified version of the Dx99v2 in a "Cobra 29/Galaxy Dx929" size chassis. The galaxy Dx86v also features a front 4 pin mic jack, AM/SSB, Backlit Starlite faceplate. It has the same power as previous Galaxy High Power(HP) models.

*Compact Chassis (Only 7.25" Wide)

*Large SWR/RF Meter

*5 Digit Frequency Counter (Blue SMT LED)


*Fine/Coarse Clarifier

*Backlit Faceplate

*Dual MOSFET Output (around 40w tuned)

*Front Mic

Comes with 4 pin stock mic

*Automatic SWR Check (Does not set SWR)

*Same Power As The Dx99v2

*No Echo, no +10KHz switch, no PA, no FM, no Roger Beep. Note: The Clarifier will work as a 10KHz switch.

A license to operate amateur radios may be required in your area. The end user is solely responsible for proper operation of amateur radio equipment and adhering to the rules and regulations of their country . In the U.S. it is legal to purchase amateur radios and receive on amateur radio bands however an amateur radio license is required to transmit.

Can only be returned for exchange/repair through manufacturer when purchased without Asymod products.