Galaxy DX 33HP2 10 Meter

$234.99 $195.99

Galaxy DX-33HP2 10 Meter Mobile Ham Radio

12 Watts AM Carrier, 45-50 Watts Modulation

Three power output levels:< Switch between high, medium, and low power output levels

Switchable Talkback with Off Position

Front Panel Microphone Jack

Variable Dimmer Control: Controls the brightness of all the lighting

Jack for accessory frequency counter: Allows for easy installation of an external frequency counter.

Stacked Echo Controls: Adjust the number of times it will repeat, and also adjust the time in between the repeats.

Dimable Blue LED Lights in Meter, Channel Display, and RX/TX Indicator

AM and FM operation; PA out; Echo and talkback; Dual MOSFET finals.

Standard squelch coupled with 3 position automatic noise limiter (ANL)/ noise blanker (NB) switch.

Mic gain and RF controls; Dimmer switch; 6 position band selector.

External speaker and PA jacks; External frequency counter connection.

In the box: DX33HP2 10 meter radio, mounting bracket and hardware, microphone and hanger, DC power cord. This is NOT a CB; it operates on the 10 meter band not on the Citizens Band (11 meters).

Can only be returned for exchange/repair through manufacturer when purchased without Asymod products.