Asymod™ Controller V2


Asymod Controller V2


The Asymod Controller provides complete connectivity and interfacing between you transceiver of choice and the Asymod IIIs Asymmetrical Hi-Fi AM Modulator. This unit allows for full functionality of your Hi-Fi setup when used in combination with the Asymod IIIs and Asymod Standalone units.


The Asymod Controller onboard Amp Keying circuit allows for remote keying of your HF amplifier and provides PTT IN from a footswitch or mouse and PTT OUT which interfaces with the transceiver’s active low level TX control (high level inactive) allowing to key from the transceiver's front panel microphone connector and includes a TX indicator. It provides complete isolation from the amplifier's relay coil via the onboard relay rated at 10A @ 250VAC.


The controller accepts up to 30 VDC and supplies a 13.8VDC output to be used with the Asymod IIIs and/or other accessories.


Onboard Record Mixing and Record Level controls is another feature that can be quite handy. It allows for recording of both the received audio and the transmitted audio for later playback. The Asymod controller takes the audio from the microphone or Line In and it is mixed with the received audio via the REC MIX control. This allows set both TX and RX audio at the same level for recording and monitoring.  


The onboard Class A, Hi-Fi headphone amplifier allows for live monitoring of both TX and RX line and demodulator audio.


For high power applications the Asymod controller provides onboard balancing resistors.

Read through all related documents, including the Asymod FAQs and manuals to see the requirements for an effective Hi-Fi setup before committing to purchase. All sales are final and there are no returns. If the unit breaks, please send it back for repair. All repairs are free within the first two months after the sale.